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Meet Doug Haines!

  • A Founding member of the East Hollywood Neighborhood Council for over 9 years
  • Also active in the Hollywood Studio District Neighborhood Council and chaired the Planning and Land Use Management Committees of both neighborhood councils
  • First got involved in local politics when he helped save the Cinerama Dome
  • Brought the first park to East Hollywood in 30 years
  • Worked with the LAPD to address homelessness, gangs, and crime in the neighborhood
  • Was a successful editor in the film industry
  • Has volunteered thousands of hours of his time making the community safer, cleaner, and more livable
  • Will NOT accept developer contributions
  • Will consider the interests of residents first and will oppose any development that exceeds the capacity of the infrastructure
  • Supports Measure S
Doug Haines is a neighborhood activist, experienced in land use, environmental, and municipal law.

Doug Haines is a neighborhood activist, experienced in land use, environmental, and municipal law.


Endorsed by former Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan!

City Council District 13 encompasses Hollywood, Silver Lake, Echo Park, Elysian Valley, and Atwater Village. It is ground zero for over-development in Los Angeles.

Doug Haines will protect neighborhoods, listen to the residents, and defend our laws and environment.



The cost of housing in Los Angeles is out of control. Developers are replacing affordable, rent-controlled units with luxury housing developments all over town, but especially in the 13th Council District. Not only is it unfair, but it is driving up homelessness. Doug Haines will be a leader in the fight for affordable housing.


From Hollywood to Echo Park, traffic is getting worse and worse. Development is happening where it shouldn't be, and density is growing in areas that can't handle the extra traffic, even with expanding public transit. Doug Haines will work to make our zoning policies make sense again and reduce the time we spend in traffic jams.


Housing costs, traffic congestion, and the growth of homelessness are all tied to the same problem: corruption at City Hall. Greedy developers have given over $6 million to local politicians to bend zoning rules in their favor and against the interests of our neighborhoods. Doug Haines will fight against this corrupt system.

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